‘The Dead Puck’ Joe Myers returns for 17/18

‘The dead puck’ Joe Myers has agreed to return to the Fire line up for the 17/18 season. Cardiff born Myers will start his 3rd season with the Cardiff Fire following a long spell with the Cardiff Devils.

29 year old Myers joined the Fire in the formation season and has been an outstanding member of the team, sharing net minding duties with Luke Takel. In Joe’s first season with the Fire he finished with a 93% save average and last season finished with an even better 94% save average. Joe’s experience in the game cant be questioned having spent 8 years in the Elite league with the Cardiff Devils and the Breahead Clan, including spells in the EPL with London Raiders and Slough Jets.

Mark Cuddihy added “I’m pleased that Joe is back for another year, he’s been great with us and has really bought in to what we have been trying to achieve. His experience is great and I lean on him for that quite a lot. He’s great in the dressing room, very well respected and he can help us win games.

As we move into the new era for Fire in the 2nd tier having players like Joe is imperative. We know we’re in for a tough season and we’re all going to learn a lot in the next few months so Joe is key to what we’re trying to do, he’s a huge help to all the players and is great in practices for us. Having Joe back was really important to me and i’m delighted we’ve managed to keep him”